Surf Kayaking Instruction

SURF KAYAKING LEVEL 1      Sit on Top Slideshow 

This class, for complete beginners, is a lot of fun and a great intro to wave riding. Flat water strokes will be introduced and modified  to fit the shore break environment. We will work on surf zone comfort and progression, paddling in the 'soup' zone before tackling the 'green' stuff. Life is a beach, but it's better in the surf. We use Sit-on-Top surf kayaks and a roll is not necessary.  Youth workshops available. 4 hrs - $95


Building on the comfort of L1 with the introduction of cutbacks, top turns and diagonal runs. This class is conducted in SOTs and wave skis. The Level 1 class is a pre-requisite if new to the sport. More fun but with added style! 4 hrs - $95

SURF KAYAKING LEVEL 3      Surf Kayak Slideshow

This is a closed cockpit discipline and a great place for ww paddlers and sea kayakers to jump into a new aspect of paddlesports. Everything you need to know to go from complete novice to accomplished surf kayaker. You have the choice of ww boat, surf kayak, or wave ski. Recommend having a roll for this discipline. Beginner to advanced intermediate. 4 hrs - $95


Moving into surf specific boats, this class will focus much more on surf technique. We'll also have a closer look at positioning on the wave, generating more speed, top turns and end moves. We'll throw in some flair, improve your timing and attitude, and transform you into something quite hot. 4 hrs - $95


Strengthen and improve your rolling technique where it's needed most. Learn to make use of the surf zone to enhance your roll, gain comfort and confidence in the thick of the action. Bottom rolls, sand rolls, back deck, anything that works to stay in and keep moving. 3 hrs - $95


Instructor Development Workshops are for those looking to increase their skills and teaching knowledge. We conduct IDWs and ICEs a few times annually here on Tybee, but can also come to your area. Workshops are three days in length and cover the ACA L2 & L3 curriculum.


Tailored to fit your needs...whether it be improving forward stroke, paddling out, positioning, rolling in the surf, or advanced maneuvers... our One on One Instruction is customized to focus on specific aspects of paddling that you feel you need to strengthen. One on One Instruction allows you to enhance skills, awareness of safety issues, and overall comfort on the water... all in the privacy of your own ocean! 1/2 day - $150 and full day - $245