SUP Tours

SUP Tours run daily and are tidal dependent - Please call for times!

Skidaway Narrows

For a completely different perspective of our waterways, experience the beauty of the Georgia Coast by stand up paddleboard! The tidal creeks of Skidaway Narrows offer serene, protected waterways, perfect for stand up paddleboarding. Wind through marsh and forested hammocks, looking for osprey, woodpeckers, and egrets. This tour includes an introduction to stand up paddleboard technique and safety.  3 hrs - $55

Tybee Island

SUP tours between Tybee and Little Tybee Islands offer the paddler an opportunity to witness our coastal envirnonment in it's low tide moods of exposed sand bars and wider beaches. We will cover the basics of SUPing, and will then head out along the south end beaches of Tybee, before jumping across to the next island of Little Tybee. Shore birds, dolphin, and other marine life await!  3 hrs - $55


Ebenezer Creek

The magic of Ebenezer Creek is best witnessed first hand. What better way to experience it than by stand up paddleboard! Tupelo and cypress trees inhabit this slow moving black water swamp. Ebenezer Creek is out of the wind, out of the tide, and completely southern. After a brief overview of safety and technique, we'll grab our boards and enter another world. Fun and easy for the complete beginner!  3 hrs - $75

SUP Yoga

Stand up boards are a great platform for increasing your balance, flexibility, and core strength. Why not take it one step further by adding yogic asanas to increase the benefits? This program uses the natural serenity of the coastal ecosystem to help induce a more centered state of being. Yoga postures help open up the energy channels within. Hope you will join us!  2-3 hrs - $55 For more information


Tybee Island Surf I

Take it to the surf! C'mon.. you know there is a surfer dude inside of you somewhere!  Experience why the roots of stand up paddleboarding originate in the waves. This course will provide a safe environment for learning, giving you the skills you need to get started. We will cover surf zone etiquette, basic paddling technique, board design and gear. Give us a call and catch the radical!  4 hrs - $95 or Private 3 hrs - $150

Tybee Island Surf II

Need time to practice under the guidance and safety of an instructor? Want to develop more skill sets and a deeper understanding of wave zone dynamics? In this course we will practice a variety of methods of control, maneuvering, and catching waves on a stand up paddleboard. Surf's Up!  4 hrs - $95 or Private 3 hrs - $150