Tybee Island Surf I

Take it to the surf! C'mon.. you know there is a surfer dude inside of you somewhere!  Experience why the roots of stand up paddleboarding originate in the waves. This course will provide a safe environment for learning, giving you the skills you need to get started. We will cover surf zone etiquette, basic paddling technique, board design and gear. Give us a call and catch the radical!  4 hrs - $95 or Private 3 hrs - $150

Tybee Island Surf II

Need time to practice under the guidance and safety of an instructor? Want to develop more skill sets and a deeper understanding of wave zone dynamics? In this course we will practice a variety of methods of control, maneuvering, and catching waves on a stand up paddleboard. Surf's Up!  4 hrs - $95 or Private 3 hrs - $150