Sea Kayaking Instruction

SEA KAYAKING LEVEL 1      Sea Kayaking Slideshow

If you only take one class in your kayaking career, this is the one! This class covers the basic sea kayaking techniques needed to get you started. You will acquire a comfort and confidence level for developing your paddling skills. The lesson includes boat fit, equipment, basic strokes, and safety procedures. Pre-requisites: None  4 hrs- $95


Building on the foundation of Level 1, we will add a few more strokes and have a closer look at rescues and safety. We'll also increase your understanding of currents, tides, weather, and basic trip planning. Pre-requisites: Level I skills or permission of instructor  4 hrs - $95


"How are your draws?", he asked knowingly. There is no substitute for efficient strokes and boat control. Bow rudders, side-slips, braces, and sculling will add to blade awareness. Incorporating edging and leaning will increase your body/boat relationship. Pre-requisites: Level 2 skills or permission of instructor  4 hrs - $95

SEA KAYAKING LEVEL 4      Open Water Slideshow

Into the surf we go. This is where we put it all together. We will utilize our flat water skills, practice launching  and landing in surf, and then head out to the open ocean. We will cover bracing techniques, as well as acquiring a functional stability in waves for rescues and other maneuvers.  A lot of time will be spent on control and kayak husbandry in wind and waves. Pre-requisites: Level 3 skills or permission of instructor   4 hrs - $95


This is a full day of open water sea kayaking. The day will consist of an instructional journey of approx. 6 miles, during which we will practice surf launching and landing, basic navigation, paddling in a following sea, rough water rescues, and towing. The training will be conducted in winds up to force 4 and up to 3 ft breaking waves. Bring a change of underwear.   Pre-requisites: Level 4 skills or permission of instructor  4 hrs- $95

SEA KAYAK SURFING      Sea Kayak Surfing Slideshow

Ready for more fun and excitement? Feeling the need to wear a helmet? Then this is your class. You will learn about the anatomy of waves, surf zone dynamics, etiquette, and hazards. We will also cover launching, landing, and bracing in breaking waves. Due to a level of skill needed for this lesson, it is a requirement that you are proficient in basic flat water strokes. Pre-requisites: Level 2 skills or permission of instructor  4 hrs - $95  and 3 hr refresher - $80


In this class we will practice the following sea kayak rescue techniques: cowboy, stirrup, paddle-float, T, T-X, bow, scoop, hand-of-God, and swimmer. There are a lot of ways to get back in your boat, or get your friend back in their boat, and here you can try as many of them as you like. Will you get wet? Yes. Pre-requisites: None  4 hrs - $95


Remember those techniques you learned in Sea Kayak Rescue I? In this class you’ll try them out in open water where the game is different. Swells and breaking waves call for different strategies. First we’ll establish “ground rules” designed to keep you safe, and then we’ll practice self and assisted rescue techniques in a variety of conditions. Can you bring back the hour of splendor in the grass? No. Can you bring your buddy back from a capsize in the surf zone? Sure!  Pre-requisites: Level 3 skills; completion of Sea Kayak Rescue I or permission of instructor.  4 hrs - $95

RISK MANAGEMENT IN SEA KAYAKING - Classroom Seminar  OR  On-Water Practicum

If you’ve ever taken a trip with us, you’ve signed a waiver form that outlines some of the risks inherent in sea kayaking. Managing those risks is something we do every day, something you can learn to do in undertaking your own adventures. You’ll discover that risks are synergetic, and that learning to see connections among risks is a crucial aspect of on-water safety. Finally, we’ll look at techniques for making decisions, and the role of training in reducing risks.  On-water: 4 hrs - $95 Classroom Seminar:  2 hrs - $45


The Eskimo Roll is probably the single most important skill to develop if you paddle solo. It is a great confidence builder and allows you to jump into a whole new realm of paddling. The roll is learned in a progression, pinpointing and mastering specific techniques, which are then combined to complete the maneuver. We will work on the more widely used C to C and Sweep Rolls. Not everyone learns in two hours, but you will take home the tools you need to continue your practice. We recommend taking several lessons in order to fully master the roll.  Pre-requisites: None  2 hrs - $85 or 3 lessons of 2 hrs each - $225


Daniel Boone once remarked, “I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks.” Ranges, angles, azimuths, fixes—it can be a bit daunting, but don’t worry. This course will get you started. We’ll spend day 1 getting acquainted with the basic principles of how tides, currents, and weather affect our ability to find our way. You’ll practice plotting a course and estimating paddling times. On day 2, we’ll take these new skills out on the water. We’ll practice holding a course and using a compass. You’ll experiment with ferrying across current and finding a point offshore. Navigation is a time-honored tradition you'll be glad to know.  Pre-requisites: None  1 day (9 hrs) or 2 days (4 hrs each) - $150


One of the most useful pieces of safety equipment in a kayaker's tool box is the tow rig. Here is a class that introduces you to towing techniques on flat water. We’ll look at the features of different tow rigs and discuss their use. Then we’ll head out on the water to put theory into practice, giving you experience in what to do in various towing situations. We’ll experiment with short tows, contact tows, and swimmer’s carries. This is a hands-on, all together, everybody in, get wet class. Don't have a tow rig? We'll provide one for you. Pre-requisites: Level 3 skills, or Level 2 skills and permission of instructor.  4 hrs - $95


Rough water poses serious challenges for sea kayak towing. In this course we’ll look at techniques for safe and effective towing in rough water, always mindful of the first rule of any rescue, which is not to become a victim yourself. We’ll review tow rigs and how various designs may or may not be suitable for rough water use. You’ll experience firsthand some of the difficulties imposed by rough water on both the person towing and the person being towed—a learn-by-doing introduction to a crucial rough water skill. Pre-requisites: Level 4 skills; completion of Towing I or permission of instructor. Helmet required. 4 hrs - $95

ACA SEA KAYAKING COURSES      ACA Course Information

We hold ACA trainings, courses, and assessments for those who want to challenge and test their skill level, or for those who strive for instruction certification. If you feel you are ready, please give us a call for curriculum information and scheduling.


Tailored to fit your needs...whether it be improving forward stroke, bracing and sculling, deep water rescues, navigation, towing, surf or open water...our One on One Instruction is customized to focus on specific aspects of paddling that you feel you need to strengthen. One on One Instruction allows you to enhance paddling skills, awareness of safety issues, and overall comfort on the water... all in the privacy of your own ocean! 3 hrs - $165 and 6 hrs - $265


 We offer all of the above classes for physically disabled persons. We use double or triple cockpit boats with modified outfitting and equipment when needed. Please call for more information.


If there is a group of you and you all have appropriate boats and gear, your best option is to hire an instructor. We will come to your private pool, pond, river, or public beach and tailor a lesson for your group. Whether it's a group of friends, a formal paddling club, or Boy/Girl Scout troops, this is a great way to learn and have fun at a very affordable price. 1/2 day - $200 and full day - $380