Full Day Tours

Full Day Tours are tidal dependent - Please call for times!


Spend the day exploring the beautiful marsh creeks of Little Tybee, and travel to beaches seldom visited. This trip takes us through the protected marsh on the back side of the island, to then pull up on the pristine beaches of the southern end. Relax with a picnic lunch, hike, swim, or take a nap - you deserve it! No experience necessary.  5 hrs - $85

LITTLE TYBEE - MARSH & OCEAN      Little Tybee Slideshow

For the adventurous beginner to experienced paddler. We will do a 10 mile circumnavigation of Little Tybee. Along the way, we will have lunch on beaches frequented by flocks of pelicans, skimmers, terns, and gulls.. beaches that are the nesting grounds of the mighty Loggerhead turtles. This trip includes some ocean paddling. The chance of waves and surf is moderate to high, and the possibility of capsize good. You want adventure, you got it!  5 hrs - $85


Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Here is a trip for people who want to paddle. About 11 nautical miles in length, the route goes through Jack’s Cut, down Little Tybee Slough, up Little Tybee Creek, through picturesque Mosquito Ditch, and back on the Back River. We’ll make an occasional stopover on the beach or in a maritime forest, but mostly we’ll paddle! It’s five hours of a great workout up and down the middle of a beautiful island!  5 hrs - $85


This 6.5 mile loop trip takes advantage of three passages—Jack’s Cut, MRS Cut, and Mosquito Ditch—whose names could easily have inspired Thoreau’s lament regarding American place names—“Such is the poverty of our nomenclature.” We’ll set out on an unusually high tide, cross over to Little Tybee, and follow winding creeks into the vast marshes of interior. We’ll break on a remote hammock, make our way by Long Island, and then return to civilization via Little Tybee Creek. Five hours of exploration!  5 hrs - $85


Paddle and hike... the Georgia Coast's most pristine barrier island. It's a straight forward go-with-the-flow paddle down the Wilmington River, into Wassaw Sound, and to the island. Designated a National Wildlife Refuge in 1969, the ten thousand acres include beaches with rolling dunes, live oak, and slash pine woodlands. Enjoy a hike on the interior trails before a lunch spread on the oceanside beaches of Wassaw. Not to be missed.  6-7 hrs - $135


Designated in 1978 as Georgia's first Heritage Preserve, Ossabaw remains a limited access gem, with inland exploration by permission only. Launching from Skidaway Island, we will soon be out in wide open spaces and heading for a point low on the horizon. This is a full day's journey, not for the novice or those looking for a laid back paddle. It is beautiful and off the beaten track. Tasty lunch included. Sea Kayaking experience and good physical condition are required.  7-8 hrs - $145


Gorgeous Ebenezer Creek is a black water swamp, lined with cypress and tupelo trees. It is a slow moving creek that empties into the Savannah River, alongside the historic Ebenezer settlement. You will be thrilled with the beautiful, lush, 'southern' scenery. Cameras recommended. It's also a great place to see alligators.. crikey!  5 hrs - $95


Skidaway Narrows offers beautiful hammocks and creeks that seem to breathe history into life. The kayaking begins in the Intercoastal Waterway, before cutting into the meandering, forested creeks near the State Park. You'll pull up for a hike and picnic lunch on a forested hammock. You'll watch the osprey come and go from their nests, and hear egrets and woodpeckers vie for your ear. Great birding, great scenery, great history.. welcome to the south!  5 hrs - $85