In business with Mega Kayaks UK for 14 years, Savannah Canoe and Kayak has garnered a strong reputation for  supplying high quality new and used surf boats stateside. Striving  to bring you the latest and best in contemporary designs, we stock the largest inventory of Mega surf kayaks in the United States. We deal directly with Mega UK. and ship nation wide.  As the US Mega importer we handle shipping, customs, import duty and quality control so you don't have to. Nothing ships out from our shop that is not in perfect condition and guaranteed to fit your needs. We know Mega Kayaks  inside and out. We can get you in the ideal boat for your size, location, and style.

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'This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.' The Mega Matrix loves to go down the rabbit hole as much as she likes to fly off the lip. She's a tight fit, but once you squeeze in this boat is very fast and super nimble, transferring from edge to edge with nothing more than the  impulse of thought. With a pigeon toed fin placement and intergrated thigh braces this boat is designed to drive up the face and get high. If you like to go fast, get  high and weigh in under 170lbs the Matrix is your girl.

Mega Matrix Specs - Length 7' 6"  Width 24"  Weight Carbon Superlight - 20lbs



The Mega BOOST is a rad shred sled, no doubt. There was nothing racier until her little sister came along and stole some of her thunder. But the Boost is a fast, super fun and playful package with a high rate of speed and lots of foregiveness. She loves to go top to bottom, as well as streak down the line at high speed, but with a  little more volume for a larger paddler than the Matrix.  Ideal for paddlers upto 180lbs.


Mega Boost Specs - Length 7' 6"  Width 25".  Weight Standard layup - 25lbs


Big sister to the Matrix, the Mega EDGE  is powerhouse of a kayak complete with a fine set of glutes and quads (all Mega surf kayaks are available with a custom quad fin setup). Similar design and surfing characteristics to the Matrix, but for the bigger paddler...up to 195lbs. High knee position and a little narrower across the foredeck gives more speed and stability through the turns. This is a very fast and very high performing surf kayak for the competitive personality. Favorite surf boat of Aiden Brackenbury who makes this boat fly. 


Mega Halo Length - Width

Mega Halo Length - Width

The Mega HALO is the big girl of the modern family Mega. These new family members are the highest performing of the HP boats. If your surfing skills are on point, and you are looking for the most up to date design theories incorporated into your next ride then it will most likely be a Halo, Edge or Matrix. The Halo is large...more foot room, more butt room and better floatation for the paddler in excess of 200lbs. She's a bit of a redesign of the very popular Mega Proton, but has evolved into a stand along  performer. Removeable/adjustable thigh braces and plenty of room to reposition the foam seat give this shredder lots of adjustability  for big thighs, big butts or broad shoulders.



The Mega PROTON has been around for 6 years now, but it's such a solid performer, she's sure to be in the line up for good while longer. Big brother to the iconic Boost, both these kayaks shred with effortless abandone . Wide and volumous in the tail, makes for quicker, cleaner  take offs, and easier paddle outs on those bigger days. For a big boat she is fast on the wave and nimble from edge to edge.  Bigger guys up to 220lbs will be well accommodated, and smaller bodies will have added stablility and comfort. A super popular high performer.




The Mega MEGATRON has been a super popular boat for over a decade. For those big guys out there who cant fit in anything else this is the surf kayak for you. With a capacity of 250lbs this boat is truly the largest surf kayak on the market. Even if you are not close to such a weight this surf kayak provides a level of comfort and support  that smaller boats cannot.


One of the best selling surf kayaks of the last 10 years, the BULLITT  S launched many a new paddler onto the face of their first wave, and it's also responsible for the second generation of these 'long board' style high performance kayaks. The Bullitt S just makes everything a little easier. Designed to come in just shy of 9ft to take part in the competitive HP division, the Bullitt excels in all manner of surf conditions....too small , too big, too windy, to choppy, too far,...You name the conditions and this boat will perform and be fun. Born out of the IC Bullitt by chopping off the ends, the BS has consistent rocker front to back and a curved hull edge to edge, making it  fast down the line with smooth soulful cutbacks. We love the Bullitt S. You wont get air in a Bullitt S, but the corners of you mouth will be pointing to your ears long after you leave the line up.


If the Bullitt S has a little too much soul  for you and not enough competitiveness then enter the BULLITT X. Instead of chopping of the ends and keeping the flatter middle section, Mr Mega threw out the middle and re glued the ends together. So same length width dimensions as the BS, but with more rocker, quicker turns, more top to bottom styley , less soul surfing more rooster tailing. Popular boat than can often be found used and well worth jumping into.



The next generation of the long HP's, enter the Mega  BANSHEE...the new and improved Bullitt S. Less rocker, flatter across its mid section and a V in the tail section, meaning more speed, but still super adaptable to all conditions  and super forgiving. They say it can get air, but we have not seen that.. Feedback from our customers confirms that this boat screams doen the line and excels in the big stuff, rips through everything else.This boat is sure to be a classic. 


Possibly the aeriel sister to the Banshee. the VAMP is fast and loose in every way. Bringing back the intergrated thigh braces from back in the day, rounder in the tail  with v section for quicker release and turning,  could this long nosed  HP performer be going for regular air. We think it could ! We hope so. That would be so swell. Come on Vamp, lets  hit the lip and let fly.



International Class are any boats over 3 meters. HIgh Performance class are all boats under 9ft. Lets hope no one makes a surf kayak 9'6"!.  IC boats are designed to surf without fins. You rely on engaging the rails to grip and climb and drop the edges to slide and glide. Due to their rocker and cross section hull profile they are not as fast on the wave as HP surf kayaks, but are super loose and require a whole other level of skill  to master on the green.They provide a most satisfying ride quite unlike other surf kayaks.  The Ghost is 10ft.long  and is a soul surfing master

Mega SURF on TOP

image1 (2).JPG

The Mega SURF on TOP is the transition boat between surf kayak and surf ski.. Imagine a sit on top, something like a's easy and fun and catches all the waves, but it weighs 55lbs and has the performance characteristics. of a lead banana.. Now imagine the same easy, fun sit on top , but weighs in at 25lbs and shreds waves similar to the rest of the Mega HP family. This is the Mega Surf on  Top. High performance hull with a sit on top deck. Comes with thigh straps and foam foot blocks.

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We carry a constant inventory of the above mega models. Aside from these we also carry constant inventory of used and consignment boat including but not limited to Mega Neutron RV, Mega Impulse, Mega Scarab, Mega Bullitt IC, Mega XRay, 


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