As the East Coast Mega Surf Kayak Dealer, Savannah Canoe and Kayak strives to bring you the latest in contemporary surf kayak designs. We have the largest inventory of composite surf kayaks in stock in the United States, and we ship nationwide. We know Mega inside and out. We can get you in the ideal boat for your size, location, and style.

This page is currently undergoing re construction. Please check back next week for a complete run down of Mega Surf Kayaks USA.

Mega Matrix

Mega Boost

Mega Edge

Mega Neutron RV 

Mega Halo

Mega Proton

Mega Megatron

Mega Bullitt S

Mega Bullitt X

Mega Vamp

Mega Banshee

Mega Ghost

Mega Bullitt

Mega Surf on Top

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