Half Day Tours

Half Day Tours run daily and are tidal dependent - Please call for times!

LITTLE TYBEE      Little Tybee Slideshow

Lying adjacent to Tybee Island is beautiful Little Tybee Island. This is a pristine and undeveloped barrier island as you would hope to find - untouched and full of wonder. This island is only accessible by boat, but is most appreciated by kayak. It's our favorite place to go... a piece of wilderness just a short paddle away. This trip exemplifies the coastal processes taking place on the Georgia Bight, an area of dynamic tidal interplay. Beautiful beaches and wildlife abound. For complete beginner to experienced paddler.   3 hr - $65 / 4 hr - $75


This trip is interesting for historians, bird watchers, or those just looking for a relaxing paddle. We launch at the Lazaretto Creek boat ramp, paddle by Savannah's shrimp fleet, and into the Savannah River estuary. Then we will land at the old light beacon for a closer look. On this route we have seen loggerheads, otters, and dolphins eagerly waiting for a snack from the shrimp boats.    3 hr - $65


The kayaking begins at Skidaway Narrows, an old barrier island with terrific flora and fauna. It is a beautiful, but seldom seen side of Savannah. We paddle a short stretch along the 'Intercoastal Waterway' before cutting into the narrow, meandering, forested creeks. Always a favorite on this trip is watching the many osprey as they come and go from their nests. Great birding, great scenery.. welcome to the south!    3 hr - $65 / 4 hr - $75


This 6 mile loop trip takes advantage of 3 passages—Jack’s Cut, MRS Cut, and Mosquito Ditch—whose names could easily have inspired Thoreau’s lament regarding American place names—“Such is the poverty of our nomenclature.” We’ll set out on an unusually high tide, cross over to Little Tybee, and follow winding creeks into the vast marshes of the interior.  We’ll break on a remote hammock, then make our way by Long Island, and return to civilization via Little Tybee Creek.. all in four hours.    4 hr - $75


Gorgeous Ebenezer Creek is a black water swamp, lined with cypress and tupelo trees. It is a slow moving creek that empties into the Savannah River, alongside the historic Ebenezer settlement. You will be thrilled with the beautiful, lush, 'southern' scenery. Cameras recommended. It's also a great place to see alligators.. crikey!   3 hrs - $79

 SUNSET PADDLE      Sunset Paddle Slideshow

Seeing the sun set over the marsh seems to put everything in perspective. It's the perfect time of day to go for a paddle. We'll be back before dark... at least that's the plan. Sunset paddles available to Little Tybee and Skidaway Narrows.  3 hrs - $65


With the second largest tides on the east coast, it seems only right to experience the salt marsh by the light of the silvery moon. Come and join us for a night to remember. Full moon paddles available to Little Tybee and Skidaway Narrows. 3 hrs - $65

FAMILY & GROUP ADVENTURES      Family & Group Slideshow

 A private tour for your family, friends, or colleagues! This trip includes both kayaking and plenty of time for beach combing on the wild beaches of Little Tybee. Leave all the tide and trip planning to us. All you need to bring is a desire to have fun! For ages 2 and up. Max: 35 people  3 hrs - $65


If you are visiting our area with your own boat and gear, we recommend hiring a guide. We know the area and it's moods, the tides and currents, and the best routes, beaches, and camping spots. We can show you where and when to go. We are a wealth of information including natural and local history, things to see in Savannah, and general barrier island gossip. Hiring a guide promotes safety and allows you to quickly familiarize yourself with the area for future unguided trips.  3 hr - $150 per guide per party  6 hr - $250 per guide per party  Overnight - $300 per guide per party (4:1 guide ratio)

These prices are for trips within a 20 mile radius of Savannah. Call for information regarding our guiding services to other areas within the state and beyond.