Greenland Paddling


Greenland Boat Building Workshop  Building your own traditional skin-on-frame kayak is an experience of a lifetime! Workshops are 6 1/2 days in length. You finish with a skin-on-frame kayak and a Greenland-style paddle of your making, each designed to be the most efficient for your particular size. Visiting instructor Brian Schulz of Cape Falcon Kayaks methodically takes you through the steps each day. No previous experience is necessary. Price includes all materials and instruction.  Workshops are held each fall season here at our retail store location in Savannah, GA. Please call for more details and to register for this unique opportunity! $1895

Greenland Paddle Building Workshop  Carve, shape, and finish your own handmade traditional paddle... and all from a 2 x 4! Let SC&K's Benjamin Fontenot walk you through the steps. Adding a skinny blade to your paddling will increase your skills and add depth to your repertoire. $175

Intro to Greenland Paddling Class: Here is your chance to practice using your hand carved new paddle! Don't have one and want to give it a try? No problem. You will learn how Greenland paddling technique differs from standard Euro bladed paddling. Time to find your inner Inuit.  $95

Greenland Rolling Class: $85

Full Immersion into Greenland Paddling (2 Day Class): $190