Mega Options



Standard lay-up boats are carbon kevlar hull and fiberglass deck. The hull is stiff and strong. The fiberglass deck has some flex. Expertly constructed and finished, they are ideal for most people's surfing needs. S-lite lay-up boats are carbon kevlar top and bottom. They are a little stronger and stiffer and give the surfer an added level of performance. They are also a couple of pounds lighter. X-tec lay-up is recommended for those looking for the highest level of performance from their surf boat... believe me, you will notice a difference! With a foam core hull, vacuum bagged top and bottom, and no gel coat on the hull these boats are light, stiff, fast and very responsive. The average size boat is weighing in at approx. 19 lbs fully outfitted. Bigger and longer boats are a good match for X-tec... Megatrons, Bullitts and all the IC boats will excel in this lay-up. For those with deep pockets and looking for the absolute best, there is Cris-Tec lay-up. Boats made to this spec are all carbon with a foam core. They are the lightest, stiffest boats available.

Standard Options.

All Mega surf kayaks come with thigh braces and a f/g molded seat with integrated back band. X-Tec and Cris-Tec boats have a foam seat which can be repositioned easily. Thigh braces can be moved a few inches with some drilling. Mega boats do not come with foot braces or blocks. We recommend you make your own from closed cell foam.


Mega kayaks do not come with fins. We do carry 3.5"  Mega fins that perform perfectly well. We also carry True Ames composite fins in a variety of sizes. We carry replacement Mega composite thigh braces and can custom install foot blocks and bulkheads.

Custom Orders.

You can order any color and design in any model, in any lay-up. Exact colors and designs cannot be guaranteed.  If we can piggy back your order with our regular order, turn around time is approx. 8-12 weeks. We order boats in the early spring, late summer, and late fall.


Some FAQs:

Why buy a Mega boat from us? We have the largest inventory of Mega surf boats in the United States. If we do not have it in stock, chances are it's on order. Shipping one kayak at a time is very costly, plus you have to pay import duties, customs and  port fees, as well as broker fees. The cost of shipping is just a small part of the actual cost to get your boat delivered to your home town.  Our boats are all in perfect condition and ready for retail.  Any of our boats damaged in trans-Atlantic shipping are sold at a reduced price or become demos.

Being dedicated paddle surfers ourselves, we want you to get the right boat at the right price with the best service. Having used the boats for classes and demos, we know first hand which boats are suitable for which people. We know how most of the boats perform in a variety of conditions from our personal experience. This is the information we pass on to you.

Do you ship nationwide? Yes. Boats for cross country freight are 'double bubble' wrapped, then double wrapped again in cardboard, and finally enclosed in a thick polythene bag. They then have a carry strap attached for easier handling. We have not had any problems with boats freighted cross country.

How much does it cost to ship to the west coast? Prices vary, but approx. $250. It takes approx 5 days.

Do you ship overseas? Yes, if you have a broker we can arrange to ship anywhere. We have sent boats to the Caribbean, Africa, and South America.

Why are surf kayaks better in the surf than today's planing hull river kayaks? The answer is pretty simple - speed. All river kayaks have a pretty large amount of tail rocker (upturn in the back of the boat). You need this in a river because the water in rivers is very chaotic and unpredictable. Tail rocker and anti trip rails (edges) are needed because current in the river can hit your boat from many directions without any warning. These same things take away from speed. Tail rocker being the biggest drag in any planing boat. The anti trip rails also don't bite into the wave as well as those of surf kayaks. These are necessary compromises in the river, but in the surf you can get closer to the performance end of the spectrum.

How do you launch with fins? You can launch off of a sandy beach, it is no problem dragging your fins through the sand. The fins are strong, but not indestructible - they WILL break  or cause damage to your kayak if you side surf right up onto the beach - so it's better to exit the boat when your still in shallow water.

Can you flat spin with fins? The fins are right under your seat, which is approx. where you spin from. Having the two side fins in gives the best performance compromise between finned turns and spins. But the truth is, once you experience projected carves, you won't want to "waste" another wave on flat spins. If you think about snowboarding, which is more fun spinning straight down the hill, or carving and shredding sweet turns, with the occasional spin thrown in for style?