Mega Bullitt Xs

Mega Bullitt Xs

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Lovely little rocker. Long boat style with short boat handling characteristics. Excellent competition surfer! Available in four lay ups: Standard, S Lite, X Tec, and C Tec.

Length: 8' 11 1/2" long
Width: 23.6"

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The Bullitt X... much closer resembles and behaves like the IC Bullitt. The stern has been modified, with slightly more rocker and a narrower tail. This results in a significantly snappier change of direction.. easier to rapidly change direction and cutback on a dime.
Handling wise, the Bullitt X is more similar to the Merlin than the Bullitt S. The increased rocker, together with a modified deck and softer forward rails, make the boat much more forgiving on steep re-entry. This means you can take off later, go harder off the lip, and snap roundhouses on smaller waves without fear of pearling the nose and getting worked. The forward deck modification, in particular, makes a dramatic difference - it sheds water really well and doesn't get stuck underwater. If you have long legs and large feet, this model is well suited to you, with more foot room than the B-S.
In all, the narrower front end and softer rails combined with slightly increased tail rocker make the “X” much snappier, giving the feel of a much shorter boat. So the downside...well, it is a little slower to paddle and down the line speed is also a little less than the Bullitt S. It is equally at home with or without fins. The ability to punch out over big heavy beach breaks, or catch and get a ride on 1 foot of slop, make this the perfect all-round kayak. Great competition quiver boat.

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