Mega Bullitt S


Mega Bullitt S

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One foot shorter than an IC kayak. One foot longer than an HP kayak. Top selling boat for Mega! Available in four lay ups: Standard, S Lite, X Tec, and C Tec.

Length: 8' 11.5"
Width: 23.6"

Lay Up:
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The Bullitt S is an IC style boat with an HP set-up. At the maximum length for an HP class boat, the Bullitt can catch just about any size wave. This boat has great wave speed and excellent flat water glide. A quick and easy paddle out makes this a great boat for those wind blown surf sessions, river mouth breaks, and outside bars that require a long paddle out. It is very comfortable as well as quick off the mark. An excellent choice for a wide variety of skill levels and wave riding styles. For complete novice to soul surfing grand master, the Bullitt S is fast, fun and easy. This boat is a very stable and comfortable platform that paddles along the lines of a sea kayak, yet on the wave face it carves like a dream, it's low volume tail slashing through turns. All the components of an IC boat, but in a shorter package and with the ability to add fins... in our opinion, one of the best additions to the Mega lineup. This boat particularly excels in the X-Tech lay-up. It has become one of our most popular models. Pretty much the same boat as the IC Bullitt, but one foot shorter and with three fin boxes to meet HP class specifications. For competition surfing, this is a great boat to have in your quiver. Falling into the HP class, it has a distinct advantage when the surf is either sloppy or huge.
The long of the short 'high performance' surf machines. The soul surfer's dream - so laid back it's carving in subtitles. Easy roller. Cruising speed of a sea kayak, tail slashing witch of a surf kayak. If you can't paddle like a girl, paddle like a hippie. This boat does it all.

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