Tiderace Xplore X


Tiderace Xplore X

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The Xplore X is the largest volume kayak in the Tiderace fleet. Sharing the same design brief as the Xplore, the X features increased width, height and cockpit size over the regular model. This increase in volume allows paddlers who are larger in stature to have a useable, comfortable multi-day touring boat without losing the performance associated with the Tiderace range. For a paddler looking for a suitable multi-week/month expedition boat, the Xplore_X features enough volume to load supplies and equipment far beyond that provided by regular expedition boats. Within 6 months of launch, the value of the X had already been proven by becoming the first production kayak to complete the crossing from Scotland to the Faroe Islands with Patrick Winterton and completing a 3200km journey down the coast of Norway with James Baxter. The X will undoubtably go on to be the serious expeditioner's sea kayak of choice.

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Length: 18'
Width: 23.5"
Volume: 15.1 cubic ft
Cockpit: 34.5" x 19"

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