Tiderace Xcite


Tiderace Xcite

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The Xcite is designed as a fast yet maneuverable coastal touring kayak. At home playing in rough water, equally comfortable carving turns through rock gardens, the Xcite has ample storage for week long trips. Its high stability and quick turning response make this boat a joy for those paddlers looking to improve their skills and take on advanced conditions.


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The Xcite has been in development since it was originally designed by Aled Williams in 2001. This final version is totally redeveloped through the use of CAD design software and a new wood strip plug was made. The Xcite now benefits from a more refined hull design: waterline volume distribution has been equalised, waterline length increased by 80mm, lowering of waterplane(cwp), prismatic(cp), midship area(cx) and block(cb) coefficients and finer Half Angle of Entry and Exit, giving a more efficient hull. The bow volume has been redistributed to reduce slamming in choppy waters and the stern area shaped to reduce squatting of the stern while paddling forward. The rear deck has been raised to increase stiffness and storage, a fore-deck hatch added and the bow hatch profiled to ease vacuum construction. The final version of the Xcite is faster and more efficient while still retaining volume, stability and the seaworthy rough water handling performance is has become renowned for.

Length: 17'2"
Width: 21"
Volume: 12.9 cubic ft.
Cockpit: 34.5" x 19"

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