Stellar S18R


Stellar S18R

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The Stellar 18 Race (S18R) is the next generation of performance sea kayak and was born from a simple desire to go fast. With a fair hull, a longer waterline and narrower beam than the S18, the S18R is a racing machine. A reduced catch and the lightweight, yet stiff laminates boost your performance even further. As with the rest of the kayaks at Stellar, they are an uncommon blend of stability and speed, which are the hallmark of our brand. With the deck rigging and 2 water tight storage compartments, this boat is also a very capable kayak for touring as well as racing.  Available in four lay ups: Sport, Advantage, Excel, and Ultra.


Lay Up:
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Length 18’/ 5.5m Beam 21.5”
Depth 12.6” / 32cm
Paddler 5'-6'6"
Capacity 350 lbs
Cockpit 32" x 17"

Good Primary Stability
Adjustable Back Band
Soft Chine
Seat, Heel and Thigh Pads
Defined Keel for Tracking
Bow and Stern Handles
Great Secondary Stability
Efficient Hull Shape
Adjustable Footbrace

Lay Up Weight
Sport: 49.8 lbs
Advantage: 40.8 lbs
Excel: 36.4 lbs
Ultra: 36.4 lbs

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