Stellar S16


Stellar S16

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The Stellar 16 (S16) Touring Kayak was designed for speed and stability for long distance tours. Stellar added a moderate concavity along the keel of the bow and stern to help with tracking in rough conditions. For windy days and following seas, a drop-down rudder off the stern will help keep your course. Higher decks allow for a dryer paddle in rough conditions and a large stern and medium bow compartment provide ample storage for your longer tours. Available in four lay ups: Sport, Advantage, Excel, Ultra


Lay Up:
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Good Primary Stability
Adjustable Back Band
Soft Chine
Seat, Heel and Thigh Pads
Defined Keel for Tracking
Bow and Stern Handles
Great Secondary Stability
Efficient Hull Shape
Adjustable Footbrace

Length: 16'
Beam: 22”
Depth: 12.7”
Paddler: 5'-6'6"
Capacity: 350 lbs
Cockpit: 32" x 17"

Lay Up Weight
Sport: 45.6 lbs
Advantage: 38.6 lbs
Excel: 35.3 lbs
Ultra: 34.2 lbs

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