'By Canoe'

'By Canoe'


Limited 1st Edition-150 pages. Self-published personal account of SC&K owners Nigel and Kristin Law's 6 month canoe trip paddling from Wisconsin to the Florida Keys. Lots of cool maps, photos, and humorous anecdotes. Makes a great gift! Each book personally signed.


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"It is an amazing thing to look closely at a map of this country, to see just how many of our country's waterways are connected, and to note their general flow. It all appears so purposeful and clear, that a real plan is constantly being played out...The Mississippi is a perfect example of this, with waterways spilling into it from far and wide, from lakes, prairies, and mountains...all running together to finally dump into the Gulf, where they are swept away, circled about, and thrown right back in again...It was part of the true beauty of nature that such a great distance could be so connected."

"What a wonderful ride by a pair of adventurers! I found the book fascinating from the start, from the audacity of the authors to sell every item that couldn't be packed in a canoe, to a view of Americana that most of us forgo in our temperature-controlled world and an honest look at real people. It made me think of what I "can't do without", and how that's not really true. I bought an extra copy for my Dad, who admires those who listen to their own drummer." 
"This is a great book. It's something you can pick up and read cover to cover or a chapter at a time. What I particularly like about it is how refreshing and clean the book is. It's a book about a journey that gives the authors a cross-section of America, both literally and figuratively. They tell you what they like, what they don't like, what they expected, and what they did not. Sometimes books of this nature get a bit preachy, but this book doesn't go there. It is frank about beliefs, opinions, pleasures and disappointments, and draw you into the journey. I found myself chuckling at various stories, and sharing those stories with my wife. At other times I shared the disappointment the authors experienced. At all times I felt like my toes were dangling in the water with them."